MyAdultHomeCare Intake functions streamline and centralize the intake process by establishing a single patient record for one or more home-based services for a home health care agency. MyAdultHomeCare Intake consolidates all authorization, scheduling, clinical and financial information in one place under one patient for multiple episodes of care or multiple lines of services.

Home care agencies can get a consolidated view of the patient in one place, improving communication with the patient and quality of care. Documents can be scanned and attached to the patient record, eliminating paper records. Maintaining one patient record in a centralized intake process improves the efficiency of the intake staff helping home care agencies to do more with less. 

Key Features: Patient Intake and Admission

MyAdultHomeCare offers a comprehensive set of features to reduce manual effort in patient intake, improve accuracy, and validate eligibility in real-time.

Establish a Single Patient Chart for one or multiple lines of service – Medical Skilled Nursing, Non-Medical Personal Care, Home and Community Based Services (HCBS), Home Health and Pediatric Home Care.

Adult Homecare Assessment Software
Real-Time and Batch Eligibility Verifications.
No redundant data entry.
Document Vault - Scan and attach all the documents to the patient eliminating paper records.
Access all authorization, scheduling, clinical and financial information in one place.
Progress Notes logs to keep all patient communications in one place.
Intake alerts and exceptions proactively notify missing information which reduces rejected claims and improves collections.
Default information during intake to minimize data entry and errors.
Workflow tasks and alerts help intake staff maintain task lists by the patient.

User-Friendly Interface for Seamless Management

Our user-friendly interface makes activity management a breeze. Staff members can easily navigate the system, create activity calendars, assign tasks, and communicate with participants and colleagues. This seamless management process enhances efficiency and promotes collaboration.

Senior Homecare Assessment Solution